Fitnesse: the results for |check not| for BLANK is confusing me

It is too confusing that the Fitnesse highlight expected [BLANK] in second case. The right exporting folder check execute cmd /c dir /B “C:\ExportEmpty” BLANK check not execute cmd /c dir /B “c:\ExportNotEmpty” [2d1313b9-cfb8-4405-8e5f-91f34b5a1e08 ] expected [BLANK] The best way is to say NOT EXPECTED [BLANK] the script for the page: |check|execute|cmd /c dir /BContinue reading “Fitnesse: the results for |check not| for BLANK is confusing me”

The InvalidDatabaseSchema rule in Pre-Upgrade Checker

The InvalidDatabaseSchema rule in Pre-Upgrade Checker for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Service Pack 2 lists the names of the content databases that have a schema that differs from the standard Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 content database schema

Schools kill creativity

Check this out I heard a great story recently — I love telling it — of a little girl who was in a drawing lesson. She was six and she was at the back, drawing, and the teacher said this little girl hardly ever paid attention, and in this drawing lesson she did. The teacherContinue reading “Schools kill creativity”

dotNetInstaller is a widely used, general-purpose setup bootstrapper

dotNetInstaller enables the developer to define the application prerequisites and install the correct version(s) of these components in a predictable order based on the processor architecture, user operating system type and language, allow the user to download these components from the web, install these components directly from a single packaged setup, local media or both.Continue reading “dotNetInstaller is a widely used, general-purpose setup bootstrapper”

Release notes should be tested as well

It is good to have green suite of acceptance tests If something wrong we should get the red test/tests We do not have to get used to the red tests Interesting case have got today. We had started using Fitnesse for acceptance testing 3 years ago. Now we have big test suite (~ 1000 tests)Continue reading “Release notes should be tested as well”

The Renaissance of Craftsmanship (Robert C. Martin) You will not ever do things right The only solution is to continuously improve It is impractical for you to think that you can write a requirement correctly the first time One of the reasons we work in short iterations is that we can incrementally improve everything Make the code cleaner every time youContinue reading “The Renaissance of Craftsmanship (Robert C. Martin)”