Amazon RDS Now Supports T2 Instances

That is good news. T2 instances CPU credits is really great feature introduced 2 months ago for EC2. Amazon RDS Now Supports T2 Instances At the same time the price for T2 RDS instances is twice less then for the previous generation. T2.micro EC2 + T2.micro RDS are good if you are thinking about web appContinue reading “Amazon RDS Now Supports T2 Instances”

Backup you on-prem/local #PostgreSQL database to cloud #AWS #RDS snapshot

#PostgreSQL #MySQL backup for $0.026 + $0.125 per GB-month Total costs of the backup operation: $0.026 + $0.125 per GB-month Script below will do the following steps: create PostgresSQL AWS RDS t1.micro instance wait till instance started by using aws rds describe-db-instances get AWS RDS instance address copy database create AWS RDS instance snapshot andContinue reading “Backup you on-prem/local #PostgreSQL database to cloud #AWS #RDS snapshot”

Restore #AWS RDS instance from a database snapshot by using AWS CLI

The AWS Command Line Interface is a unified tool to manage your AWS services. I am using AWS RDS PostgreSQL for my application. I don’t need to run this application 24/7/365. So I have the ability to stop periodically my instances to save some money in my pocket. Nobody wants to do repeated tasks manually.Continue reading “Restore #AWS RDS instance from a database snapshot by using AWS CLI”