PowerSlim vs Fitnesse vs SpecFlow

PowerSlim Fitnesse (SLIM) SpecFlow Web Access Test In/Out WYSIWYG WYSIWYG Gherkin scripts are used to generate test fixtures. Actual test results you can view by using Visual Studio Test View interface. Verification Code Verification done by framework itself. You just need to provide the results. Verification done by framework itself. You just need to provideContinue reading “PowerSlim vs Fitnesse vs SpecFlow”

PowerSlim v0.5 available

The new Remote feature available. How it works: 1. Run PowerSlim server on the remote COMPUTER PowerShell -executionpolicy unrestricted -file .\slim.ps1 35 server 2. !define COMMAND_PATTERN (PowerShell -executionpolicy unrestricted -file .\slim.ps1) 3. |Query:Remote|Computer|Get-Service| |DisplayName|Status| 4. Click TEST button.

Fitnesse tests in progress indication

For those using Fitnesse not only for fun but to test enterprise applications , we have made Fitnesse edition with the built-in indication of the tests currently in progress. Please check it out at https://github.com/downloads/konstantinvlasenko/fitnesse/fitnesse.jar Hopefully Fitnesse will consider this improvement and merge it to the master branch.

Beyond Acceptance Testing Framework

It looks like there are several acceptance testing frameworks (ATF) available (RobotFramework, Cucumber, Fitnesse on FIT, Fitnesse on SLIM, ZenTest, Concordion). Not sure if each of them are really ATF, but can say that Concordion is not a great choice. Fitnesse is the best ATF I know. But it’s up to you, which way to go.Continue reading “Beyond Acceptance Testing Framework”

Fitnesse: the results for |check not| for BLANK is confusing me

It is too confusing that the Fitnesse highlight expected [BLANK] in second case. The right exporting folder check execute cmd /c dir /B “C:\ExportEmpty” BLANK check not execute cmd /c dir /B “c:\ExportNotEmpty” [2d1313b9-cfb8-4405-8e5f-91f34b5a1e08 ] expected [BLANK] The best way is to say NOT EXPECTED [BLANK] the script for the page: |check|execute|cmd /c dir /BContinue reading “Fitnesse: the results for |check not| for BLANK is confusing me”

Release notes should be tested as well

It is good to have green suite of acceptance tests If something wrong we should get the red test/tests We do not have to get used to the red tests Interesting case have got today. We had started using Fitnesse for acceptance testing 3 years ago. Now we have big test suite (~ 1000 tests)Continue reading “Release notes should be tested as well”