AT: Moving Ahead With Amazon EC2 (Intro)

AT – Acceptance Testing I’ve got ten hosts, but their capacity is almost 100% in use by virtual machines. Many of the hosts are obsolete and do not support new configurations. But I am against requesting new hosts. If you’re part of a big company and need additional IT resources, you probably find you’re requiredContinue reading “AT: Moving Ahead With Amazon EC2 (Intro)”

Amazon EC2 Spot Instances for Acceptance Testing

Using Spot Instances can reduce costs by at least two times as compared with On-Demand instances. Example: On-Demand (Large): $0.48 per hour Spot Instances (Large): $0.20 per hour Set your maximum price near to the current Spot Price. If the Spot Price goes above your maximum price and your instance is terminated by Amazon EC2,Continue reading “Amazon EC2 Spot Instances for Acceptance Testing”

PowerSlim 0.2 available!

I am pleased to announce the PowerSlim 0.2. The main feature of this release is Windows Setup which installs all you need to start doing Acceptance Testing with PowerSlim just in couple of minutes. The Green Demo Suite will start at the end of the setup process. There will be more soon, stay tuned!

Top 10 reasons why teams fail with Acceptance Testing … – Tests unusable as live documentation – Focusing on tools – Not considering acceptance testing as value added activity – “Test code” not maintained with love – No management buy-in – Underestimating the skill required to do this well …