Sphinx Documentation: Remove Duplication

Let’s imagine that you need to show the same text on the several pages. This one is not a footer or something like this. Just text you want to be on the several pages. There are two options available in the reStructuredText: Inclusion Substitutions Inclusion The “include” directive reads a reStructuredText-formatted text file and parsesContinue reading “Sphinx Documentation: Remove Duplication”

Tutorial:Recording Screen Cap Videos w/Windows Media Encoder

Camstudio is a great piece of open-source software for screen recording, but Microsoft’s Windows Media Encoder is a much more user friendly and consistent piece of software. I recommend using it for making recordings due to both it’s ease of use and file size (about 5x smaller than the camstudio produced moves = 5x shorterContinue reading “Tutorial:Recording Screen Cap Videos w/Windows Media Encoder”

Hidden table heads feature is the Fitnesse Visual Polymorphism

What you can see in the Fitnesse User Guide You can hide the first row of a table. This allows you to write comment tables that just look like ordinary HTML tables. The complete table still gets executed, the first row is just hidden by a CSS rule. Precede the first row with a ‘#’.Continue reading “Hidden table heads feature is the Fitnesse Visual Polymorphism”