Removing Password Complexity Requirements from Windows Server 2008 Core

Use this PowerShell script if you need to remove Password Complexity Requirements from Windows Server 2008 Core: secedit /export /cfg c:\new.cfg ${c:new.cfg}=${c:new.cfg} | % {$_.Replace(‘PasswordComplexity=1’, ‘PasswordComplexity=0’)} secedit /configure /db $env:windir\security\new.sdb /cfg c:\new.cfg /areas SECURITYPOLICY del c:\new.cfg

Convert VMWare PowerCLI Invoke-VMScript Output into PSObjects Array

There is a very usefull CMDLet Invoke-VMScript which comes with VMWare PowerCLI. You can use it to run the PowerShell scripts against a virtual machine (VM). The CMDLet has several advantages over native PowerShell 2.0 remoting: 1. Avoiding one hop while executing the script (on the VM, the script is executed from the first person).Continue reading “Convert VMWare PowerCLI Invoke-VMScript Output into PSObjects Array”

ESXTOP command line monitoring tool for ESXi

Esxtop allows monitoring and collection of data for all system resources: CPU, memory, disk and network. It works with the free-licensed ESXi as well. enable remote console access to your ESXi host. open console session or ssh to ESX(i) and type:  esxtop -h … and get the basic idea of usage then you can run theContinue reading “ESXTOP command line monitoring tool for ESXi”

vEcoShell by Quest Software

Just want to introuduce the management tool for VMWare ESXi. It works with the free-licensed ESXi as well.  The main benefit is that you can manage a lot of ESXi servers from the one console. You can get the information in one window across all of your VMs from all managed ESXi servers. To start workingContinue reading “vEcoShell by Quest Software”

ESXi creating virtual disk from the command line

It is usefull if you are going to create a Windows Cluster. In that case you have to create a quorum disk. enable remote console access to your ESXi host start putty go to your datastore (e.g. cd /vmfs/volumes/datastore1) mkdir CLUSTER cd CLUSTER vmkfstools –c 4G –d eagerzeroedthick –a lsilogic quorum.vmdk

ESXi remote console access

UPDATE (March 16, 2011):There is no need in this trick starting from the ESXi 4.1. You can configure it. got to your VMware ESXi host press Alt-F1 then type “UNSUPPORTED” and press <enter> login with your root login and password edit the inetd.conf file by typing “vi /etc/inetd.conf“ remove the comment # in front ofContinue reading “ESXi remote console access”