#JavaScript: ISO 8601 formatted string to Date

ECMAScript 5 includes new support for ISO 8601 dates. This means you’ll be able to create a new Date object using an ISO 8601 formatted string. However, only a few browsers (Firefox 3.5 and WebKit-based browsers) currently support the new ISO 8601 formatting, so you’ll still need to provide the conversion functionality for IE  8. IfContinue reading “#JavaScript: ISO 8601 formatted string to Date”

#Selenium: UI-Element helps to insulate testcases from change in underlying application

With traditional Selenium IDE recorded tests, small modifications to the presentational layer of a web application can break the ability of the test to locate elements on a page. Tests should be more resilient to change, such that testcase breakage can be minimized with careful test construction, and can be fixed at a central pointContinue reading “#Selenium: UI-Element helps to insulate testcases from change in underlying application”

Distributed Version Control vs. Centralized Version Control

The main difference between distributed and centralized version control systems is that when you commit, you are committing to your local copy of the repository—effectively, to your own branch. In order to share your changes with others, there is an additional set of steps you need to perform. To do this, DVCSs have two new operations:Continue reading “Distributed Version Control vs. Centralized Version Control”

When not to use progress bars

Even worse than making the user guess when an operation will complete is lying to them about it. Progress bars should only be used when a reasonable level of accuracy is possible. It’s never a good idea to have a progress bar that reaches 10 percent and suddenly jumps to the end (leading users toContinue reading “When not to use progress bars”

#PowerShell set-content cannot access the file

gc file.txt | % {$_ -replace ‘xxx’, ‘yyy’} | sc file.txt (gc file.txt) | % {$_ -replace ‘xxx’, ‘yyy’} | sc file.txt These two commands are completly different. The first one will not work with the error message “The process cannot access the file…” When you try to set the content of the file after processing theContinue reading “#PowerShell set-content cannot access the file”