Acceptance Test Rule #1

Implementation/Script of the Acceptance Test (AT) should not rely on a particular Virtualization Technology! It is simple to understand that AT should be easy pointed to a different Virtual Machine. Also you should have an ability to switch between Virtualization Technologies (e.g. VMWare ESXi, MSFT Hyper-V) w/o changing AT’s implementation/Script.

Beyond Acceptance Testing Framework

It looks like there are several acceptance testing frameworks (ATF) available (RobotFramework, Cucumber, Fitnesse on FIT, Fitnesse on SLIM, ZenTest, Concordion). Not sure if each of them are really ATF, but can say that Concordion is not a great choice. Fitnesse is the best ATF I know. But it’s up to you, which way to go.Continue reading “Beyond Acceptance Testing Framework”