Amazon RDS Now Supports T2 Instances

That is good news. T2 instances CPU credits is really great feature introduced 2 months ago for EC2. Amazon RDS Now Supports T2 Instances At the same time the price for T2 RDS instances is twice less then for the previous generation. T2.micro EC2 + T2.micro RDS are good if you are thinking about web appContinue reading “Amazon RDS Now Supports T2 Instances”

Terminate EC2 Spot/On-Demand instance by name

Declare function to terminate instance by Id function ec2-terminate-instance($instid){ $ec2.TerminateInstances((new-object Amazon.EC2.Model.TerminateInstancesRequest).WithInstanceId($instid)).TerminateInstancesResult.TerminatingInstance[0]} Get instance by name and terminate it $filter = (new-object Amazon.EC2.Model.Filter).WithName(‘tag:Name’).WithValue(‘YourInstanceName’) (Get-EC2Instance -Filter $filter -Region ‘us-east-1’).RunningInstance | % { ec2-terminate-instance $_.InstanceId }

Schedule your Amazon EC2 spot instance startup time

Here I want to explain how to start your Amazon EC2 instance recurrently by scheduling. I have used the AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell. You can use java command line or python library. The main goal is to explain the idea: I am going to automate the starting of my Fitnesse server. Create launch configurationContinue reading “Schedule your Amazon EC2 spot instance startup time”

Why can’t I ssh or ping my brand new Amazon EC2 instance?

I just created a free EC2 instance with all the defaults. It says it’s running in the AWS Management Console. On the “Instance Actions” menu, I click “Connect”. I copy the DNS name provided (looks like and try to SSH to it. No response. I can’t even ping it. What gives? answer: