Release notes should be tested as well

It is good to have green suite of acceptance tests
If something wrong we should get the red test/tests
We do not have to get used to the red tests
Interesting case have got today. We had started using Fitnesse for acceptance testing 3 years ago.
Now we have big test suite (~ 1000 tests) on Fitnesse. There are useful feature in it – Symbolic Links.
When you can just make a new test with small changes in the defines.
Have done this to test my product against new environment.
And found that my product doesn’t support some things. Several tests are red.
Stay these tests as red in my regression suite is not a good idea.
Remove these symbolic links (kill these tests) for the new environment also is not a good idea.
So I need to add the records to the Release Notes and have the 3rd color for such tests.
So Release notes should be tested as well as the production feature.
But these tests should not be green or red.
BTW: you’ll get the signe if you fix something from RN accidentally:)

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