#PowerShell script to wait while any MSI process is running

while($true) { try { $mutex = [System.Threading.Mutex]::OpenExisting(‘Global\_MSIExecute’) $mutex = $null Sleep 10 ‘MSI running…’ | Out-Default } catch [System.Threading.WaitHandleCannotBeOpenedException] { # Mutex not found; MSI isn’t running break } }

Howto install AWS CodeDeploy on EC2 Windows instance by using CloudInit

Create user-data.txt file ————– <powershell> New-Item -ItemType Directory -Force -Path c:\temp Read-S3Object -BucketName aws-codedeploy-us-east-1/latest -Key codedeploy-agent.msi -File c:\temp\codedeploy-agent.msi start c:\temp\codedeploy-agent.msi ‘/qn /l*v c:\temp\host-agent-install-log.txt’ </powershell> ————– Go to AWS EC2 console and select Windows image (e.g. Windows_Server-2012-R2_RTM-English-64Bit-Base-2014.10.15 (ami-ba13abd2)) Click Launch/Spot Request Provide user data as user-data.txt file Now you will get Windows instance with AWS CodeDeployContinue reading “Howto install AWS CodeDeploy on EC2 Windows instance by using CloudInit”

Howto rename Lotus Notes field by using PowerShell

You need to have Lotus Notes client installed on your machine. Then you need to run PowerShell (x86). $lns = New-Object -ComObject Lotus.NotesSession $lns.Initialize() $db= $lns.GetDatabase(”,’YOUR_DB_NAME’) $doc = $db.GetDocumentByUNID(‘1E733555DDB27DA785257D7E005E64B0’) $doc.RemoveItem(‘TARGET_FIELD_NAME’) $doc.CopyItem($doc.GetFirstItem(‘SOURCE_FIELD_NAME’),’TARGET_FIELD_NAME’) $doc.RemoveItem(‘SOURCE_FIELD_NAME’) $doc.Save($false, $true)

Howto disable hotlinking for your AWS S3 resources

It is good idea to serve static content (e.g. images, video, …., not a JavaScript files) on AWS S3 instead of from your AWS EC2 server. In this case you reduce the workload on your web application. The problem is that AWS S3 resources are not available for public by default. The simple stupid solutionContinue reading “Howto disable hotlinking for your AWS S3 resources”

Amazon RDS Now Supports T2 Instances

That is good news. T2 instances CPU credits is really great feature introduced 2 months ago for EC2. Amazon RDS Now Supports T2 Instances At the same time the price for T2 RDS instances is twice less then for the previous generation. T2.micro EC2 + T2.micro RDS are good if you are thinking about web appContinue reading “Amazon RDS Now Supports T2 Instances”

From Evolution to Inevitolution by Dmitri Dozortsev

Originally posted on Fertility Conundrums … Civilization development is driven by scientific discoveries which have to inevitably happen. One human being has very little value for this inevitability: individual human’s only intrinsic inevitable quality is death. As number of humans was small, it was taking a long time from one discovery to another. For example, it took thousands ofContinue reading “From Evolution to Inevitolution by Dmitri Dozortsev”

Disable the option to check for server certificate revocation on Internet Explorer

We are doing an extensive acceptance testing against SharePoint Online by using PowerSlim (PowerShell). Unfortunately sometimes our automated tests are blocked by popup below: As we truly believe that our DNS is not spoiled an we know exactly what we are looking for (pre-created data) – this verification doesn’t make any sense for us. SoContinue reading “Disable the option to check for server certificate revocation on Internet Explorer”

Split a project between the teams and not other way around!

Software development managers accustomed to moving people around the projects. Instead they should be able to split a project between the teams and not other way around! This implies that software development manager should be a software development practitioner. There is a lot of similar ideas around this topic below by Pieter Hintjens