AWS re:Invent Feature Request

Recently,  I went to AWS re:Invent 2018 for the second time. My first time was back in 2014 (when AWS Lambda was introduced). This time I decided to go to Las Vegas with my wife. So I did purchased a guest pass to AWS re:Play event. re:play itself was great. Highly recommend to attend it next time (but don’t forget earplugs … just in case).

But in general my experience was not quite to my full satisfaction. Keynotes and sessions were great! A lot of valuable information. But, what made me a bit unhappy is the nightly events (e.g. Pub Crawl ). You are now allowed to bring a guest or spouse to these events. So I had to skip all of them 😦 And there are no means to get a paid access to these events.

So my feature request to Amazon is to have an option to buy a nightly pass for spouses along with the pass to re:Play party. And let this option to be expensive.

I hope Jeff Barr  will read this post and submit this request on our behalf. So next year I’ll be able to go to re:Invent again.



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