How to start with PowerSlim

  1. Install PowerShell (Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 already integrated with PowerShell)
  2. Download latest fitnesse.jar file
  3. java -jar fitnesse.jar. It’ll install itself
  4. Unpack the latest PowerSlim into fitnesse folder. It will put the slim.ps1 file in it.
  5. open localhost:80/PowerSlim
  6. Click Suite button

PowerSlim Suite

4 thoughts on “How to start with PowerSlim

  1. You definitely should use it If you are around Windows environment. The main purpose of Fitnesse itself is the Acceptance Testing. But you can use it for other automations (e.g. managing your AWS environment).
    You are right default port is 8080.

  2. If you get the error message “SLiM server died before a connection could be established” when running the acceptance tests, make sure you Unblock the slim.ps1 file

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