PowerShell trick

Do you know how to change the script below to make it true?

((‘first’,’second’))[0][1] -eq ((‘first’,’second’),(‘first’,’second’))[0][1]

I want to get ‘second‘ from the left operand ((‘first’,’second’))[0][1]

(,(‘first’,’second’))[0][1] comma is not a solution as it will not work for (,(‘first’,’second’),(‘first’,’second’))[0][1]

(,(‘first’,’second’))[0][1] -eq (,(‘first’,’second’),(‘first’,’second’))[0][1] will still return False

2 thoughts on “PowerShell trick

  1. ditch [0] on the left, powershell collapses unnecessary brackets
    ((‘1st’,’2nd’))[0][1] -eq ((‘1st’,’2nd’),(‘3rd’,’4th’))[0][1] ==> False

    ((‘1st’,’2nd’))[1] -eq ((‘1st’,’2nd’),(‘3rd’,’4th’))[0][1] ==> True

  2. Hi milkekacz,
    Thank you for you reply!
    I’ve asked this question more than 3 years ago. Right now, I don’t even understand why I did asked it 🙂
    But, anyway, thank you for your attention.

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