PowerSlim trick #1

Please be sure that you have read this, if you are using VMWare ESXi and PowerSlim remoting feature.
You can use VMware vSphere PowerCLI to control your Guests reverting/startap process.
The .Guest.State will be set to Running as soon as the VMware Tools Service is started on Guest.
But it is not possible to use PowerSlim remoting feature till the service Windows Remote Management (WS-Management) started. To avoid any additional steps/checks on builder you just need to set service dependencies.
1. regedit
2. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\VMTools
3. Create new Multy-String value DependOnService and set the value WinRM
4. Restart Guest.
Now you can completely rely on the .Guest.State value to run your acceptance test immediately.

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