Fitnesse and Network address translation

I have long been using Fitnesse. It is great framework for the Acceptance Testing.
There are two approach available right now in the Fitnesse. One is the original FIT approach. And the new one – SLIM.
No questions, SLIM is the best way to move forward. Only one thing prevent me to sleeping quietly is the SLIM and NAT incompatible. While FIT works well with NAT.
I like to copy my ESXi labs (several Virtual Machines) to make it possible to start a huge ammount of Fitnesse tests in parallel.
I can do it easy with the Fitness + FIT + NAT + HostOnly VM. But it is not possible with the SLIM right now. Fitnesse should be able to connect to HostOnly VM in that case. But i have only one gateway (which has real IP address) on my ESXi host. ALl other VM have the 192.168.0.x addresses.
So we should find the way to make it possible to initiate a connection from the SLIM server side back to the Fitnesse server. What do you think? Is it possible?
Maybe !define SLIM_DIRECTION {callback}

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